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Life is an adventure with many blessings, opportunities, and challenges, and God never intended for us to take this journey alone. His plan for us is to live in relationship with Him and one another. At Second Missionary Baptist Church, our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.


We don’t expect anyone who walks through our doors to be fully mature in their relationship with the Lord. On the contrary, we all need God (and one another) to move forward in our faith journeys and fulfill our God-given destinies. Our desire and prayer at SMBCis that all can experience and grow in their relationship with the Lord and one another.


Whether you are a spiritual seeker just starting to ask questions about God or a committed follower of Jesus Christ who wants to use your gifts in service and ministry, you will find a welcoming home here at Second Missionary Baptist Church. We invite you to come and consider sharing life’s journey with us. We believe in and desire an adventure of friendship with God and one another. Come as you are and join us to seek and call on the name of the Lord!


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